thematic focus
Thematic Focus 1

** Advocacy for Women in

Decision-Making Process.

** Women’s Rights Training
** Women Leadership Institutes on Building blocks of Leadership

**  Ending Violence against Women and Girls Campaigns


Thematic Focus 2

** Women and Girls  Education through  Skills and Vocations Training

** Entrepreneurial  Skills  for Women and Girls in the Niger Delta

** Micro Credit for women

**Women   Entrepreneur  and mobile money Value Added Training –  YTF MasterCard Foundation

**Enhancing  Employability Through  Skills & vocations training  – VGIF    Funding 2014.


Thematic Focus 3

**Capacity Building for Women in Governance, Peace and Security

**Stakeholders Engagement Forum and Capacity Building Workshop on Illegal Drivers License and National Passport Holders in Ughelli, Delta State

**Stakeholders Dialogue on Building Citizens Engagement  and Participation in the Niger Delta, Nigeria.

Thematic Focus 4

**Advocacy  and  social mobilization  campaign  at rural communities in Isoko North LGA on rule malaria project in Delta State

** Advocacy, Sensitization  and Awareness on Nigeria HIV/AIDS Indicator and Impact Survey in Ughelli North
** Providing  mobile  community HIV Testing  and Counseling services    in    Warri  North, Warri  South West  and Bomadi  Local  Government Areas of Delta State


Thematic Focus 5

**Facilitation of the Niger Delta Women’s Climate JusticeTribunals in Delta and Bayelsa states (2009  -2011)

**Social Accountability & Monitoring of Road maintenance and Waste mgt. project – Delta SEEFOR World Bank 2014- 2019

**Empowerment and Development of women for Environmental sustainability

**Isoko Women Study Tour/Training for Improved Cookstoves for Garri processing in Ghana

Thematic Focus 6

**Psycho-social and material support for victims of trafficking and Natural Disasters

**Advocacy and Materials support to Victims of Flood in Delta and Bayelsa States

**Human rights support for victim

Thematic Focus 7

**Food and materials support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children

**Provision of 100 Classroom Desks and Library Books and Furniture – US Embassy Ambassador Self Help Project 2014

**United nations MDG / Poverty Eradication and Climate Change Campaigns