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World Bank - IMF annual meeting Morocco
United Nations High-level meeting on Universal Health Coverage
NDWPD Delegation Attended the United Nations High-level meeting on Universal Health Coverage on the overall theme of “Universal health coverage: expanding our ambition for health and well-being in a post-COVID world,” which was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on 21 September 2023.
The multi-stakeholder panel 1 addressed the following theme:
What is a primary health care approach and why does it matter?
Stakeholders intervened during the interactive segments at the multi-stakeholder panel.
Primary Health Care remains the only way to bring health services closer to the people and the communities and they should be well positioned and integrated to play their roles in response to health emergencies for the achievement of Universal Health Coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) 2023 Global Assembly

Representing Africa as a Global Council member at the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) 2023 Global Assembly.

Global People’s Assembly in New York
NDWPD Executive Director moderated the session on social justice at the Global People’s Assembly in New York, where we discussed social protection, health, and the peoples vaccine.
The Universal social protection is a right and a policy anchored in global commitments such as article 22 of the universal declaration of human rights, recommendation 202 on the SP Floor, and SDG target 3 of the 1st SDG goal of no poverty. While everyone as a member of society has the right to social security the sad reality is that 40 % of the global population is without it.
Also, Social protection requires multi stakeholder involvement which brings together government private sector civil society and communities. It is centered round the 4 pillars of social services, social assistance, social insurance and social promotion and can be considered a foundational corner stone of SDG achievement..
The issues of how well these pillars are being used or not being used to further social progress and sustainable development is the is the reason we are calling for social justice and the reason for this conversation.
This session will contribute to the key political messages to the SDG summit as well as concrete proposals for collaboration and advocacy.
The Global People’s Assembly
The Global People’s Assembly 
Social Justice, Climate Justice, Debt Justice, Tax Justice and and Inclusion
Noble Delta Women @ the SDG Action Weekend New York, United States