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Our story starts way back.

NDWPD  was founded in 2005  by  Amb. Caroline  Usikpedo  and a  group   of women in Lagos.


Noble  Delta Women  for  Peace and Development  (NDWPD)  is  the new face of the organization for Women Empowerment and Sustainable Development in Niger Delta, Nigeria.


NDWPD  works  at   selected   rural areas in the Niger Delta Region (nine states), and in Nigeria and in Collaboration with Partner  organizations  in  Africa Region and the International Space, Working towards women’s Rights, Gender Equality, Economic Empowerment, Capacity building and Sustainable Development.

Amb.  Caroline Usikpedo-Oliseowe, FCIA.
Executive Director, NDWPD
IHRC   Ambassador   of  Goodwill   for
Nigeria/ Dep. Secretary for Africa
Member, GCAP-FTF, Nigeria
Member UN-CSO  network
African   Coordinator,   Ways  women Lead
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